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3 day PD course for teaching CS and Math through a blocks based 3D design-printing and coding platform-BlocksCAD - read on to check it out!
Course Description: This course will explore the intersection of standards-aligned mathematics with computational thinking through the lens of a block-based coding platform. On each of the three days of the course, participants will spend time together on Zoom working with a BlocksCAD curriculum specialist. In addition they will have independent, guided exploration and building time. Topics will include:
● Best practices for block-based coding
● Foundational concepts of 3D design and 3D printing
● 3D geometry, coordinate axes, transformations, and angles
● Using variables, loops, and modules for 3D design
Here is a flyer with more information and a registration link.
In addition, there is a summer contest for students. Check out the details here.
Elizabeth Dillard