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Deadline to apply for CS Training at UMASS Lowell. Read on for more information!
The event is best described through the following email:
Dear teachers,
Jay McCarthy and I are co-hosting Stanford University's "Introduction to Logic" course for teachers at UMass Lowell this summer, Mon Jun 29 through Fri Jul 3.
The course is intended for high school teachers of mathematics and computer science. The course teaches symbolic logic and logic programming, and forms the basis for you to offer a similar course to your students.
Understanding how to represent real-world problems using symbolic logic is the third leg in the triangle of powerful computer science representations. (The other two legs are imperative programming [a recipe of step-by-step instructions; what we normally think of as programming] and functional programming [representing solutions as a cascade of input-output transformations].)
All sorts of human-designed systems become easy to represent using logic relationships. With logic programming, these representations become computationally alive. The computer derives solutions which satisfy all the constraints provided.
Some examples from the academic world are course scheduling (assigning people to specific courses to be taught, and courses to classrooms and time slots) and determining if a student has completed a degree pathway.
If you've ever studied the Prolog language—it is for this sort of problems.
The IntroLogic course will be held on the UMass Lowell campus from Mon Jun 29 through Fri Jul 3, 2020. 
It will be taught by Robert (Bob) Luciano, a recipient of the 2017 CSTA Award for Teaching Excellence. Prof. Michael Genesereth of Stanford will be there for a portion of the PD. I will be co-host along with my colleague Prof. Jay McCarthy of UMass Lowell's CS department.
Course tuition is $750 for the week. Two meals (breakfast and lunch) and snacks are included each day. 
A limited number of scholarships are available to teachers who don't have a source of institutional funding. Please apply early if you will need a scholarship.
You must cover any travel and lodging expenses.
To participate, apply by May 31 at the New England IntroLogic course page.
There is more info on THIS PDF flyer, and see also the Stanford Logic Education Project site.
Please let us know if you have any questions. Jay and I look forward to seeing you this summer at UMass Lowell!
Fred Martin <fred_martin@uml.edu>
Jay McCarthy <jay.mccarthy@gmail.com>
220 Pawtucket Street
Lowell, MA


Fred Martin


Jay McCarthy