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This professional development will introduce teachers to the content and practice of teaching computer programming &computational thinking
About this Event

VidCode is running 2 final professional development sessions in 2020. Sign up for either December 3rd or 5th!


This professional development will introduce teachers to the content and practice of teaching JavaScript, such that they can integrate computer programming and computational thinking into their existing lessons.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key vocabulary and skills appropriate to a middle school and high school computer programming/ web development course.
  • Build proficiency in the use of the Vidcode website and programming interface.
  • Evaluate Vidcode programs, both to assess them for suitability as classroom content, and as student work.
  • Create customized lesson plans for their own subject area both within CS and outside of CS.
  • Be prepared to run incredible Computer Science Education Week Events.

All participants who complete the professional development session will leave with a JavaScript Educator Certificate.

This workshop is ideal for teachers from all disciplines who are ready to get started bringing computer programming into their classrooms.


“I've been going to PD for 14  years. This was hands down the best PD I've ever been to because it was a teacher driven PD that adjusted to our needs and taught me a brand new skill to bring back to my students. The time flew by because it was enjoyable to be in such a creative atmosphere."

“I learned more in this one day of PD than I did in an entire semester of my college Computer Science course.”


About Vidcode

Vidcode is a comprehensive teaching platform and curriculum for helping schools teach computer science through creativity. We provide web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development. The curricular approach enables students to create video filters, simulations, augmented reality, and other creative projects -- all while learning the fundamentals of computer programming.

Vidcode is driven by a mission to provide an engaging and accessible way for all students to learn to code. Founded by an all-female team, the company was built with girls in mind and pays special attention to increasing participation from young women and underrepresented minorities.

Learn more and sign up at vidcode.com



Leandra Tejador