CT CSTA Member Laura DiScenza took time to write a summary of her experience last summer at the Pathfinders Institute. 
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Pathfinders Summer Institute was by far the highlight of my summer last year. The Institute is set up with over 20 different courses offered over a week-long time frame. They range from learning about Paper Circuits with Chibitronics to Code.org training to (my biased favorite) the Maker Educator Collective Bootcamp. I not only took away some of the most valuable resources I have ever received at a PD, but the hands-on experiences with fellow teachers that share my same vision of what a technology and maker classroom could look like are memories that will last a lifetime. I learned about 3D printing, laser cutting, MicroBits, how to solder circuits, AR tools and much much more. They didn’t simply teach us the process, but helped guide us on how to implement these skills into the classes we already teach. It is one of the few PDs that didn’t try to sugar coat the real life situations in a classroom, but instead helped us guide our lessons towards the reality teachers deal with every day.  Even now a year later, I look to the leaders of the Bootcamp for advice and direction and they are more than willing to help whenever asked. I HIGHLY recommend applying for this year, you won’t regret it! The deadline is coming up and there are different funding options to help make this a reality for you. Simply go to their website and don’t delay!



Design challenge of make with what you got! Please meet my dragon fluffy.


Design Challenge Expo - Groups of up to 4 put together a lesson that students and others in the program came through to try. Our theme was Harry Potter and the students had to make their own wands!