Posted by J. Corricelli
This past year has been unusual, to say the least.  One thing that has helped me to stay balanced and hopeful has been my participation in the CSTA Equity Fellowship.  Please read on to learn more about the fellowship!
The Equity Fellowship has been a saving grace to me this year. 
When I applied in Summer 2019, I had no idea the difference it would make in my life. 
The more I have learned about equity and computer science, the more I have come to realize that they are interdependent.  One is not a cause/effect of the other.  Indeed, we have seen as teachers and as community members, that we cannot teach or recruit for computer science without thinking and learning about equity on a daily basis.  Computer science is everywhere, as are inequities, and we have the power to use and teach CS in a way that improves our society in the long run; to help our students use this amazing super power for good - to fight bias and to unite rather than divide us.  
What changed this year is I understood that unless I am working to improve upon myself, to be aware of the personal fortunes I have had and to help others without those fortunes, I am not making progress.  My new friends in the fellowship have helped me to know this.  If I do not continue to work actively, I am falling behind.  Led by Bryan Twarek ("BT") our group of equity fellows had multiple opportunities to meet in person and virtually to discuss equity issues and to learn from each other.  We had the opportunity to meet with leaders in equity-related issues.  We then had the chance to reflect and discuss how we can be part of the problem or part of the solution.  We worked together to come up with ways to channel our powers to make more opportunities for underrepresented students in computer science.  
We all needed a final project.  I continue to work to bring SCRIPT training to our state.  I am still working toward this goal.  ReadyCT has been playing a leadership role in this initiative.   I developed an equity-related activity to introduce SCRIPT training.  
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Equity Fellowship.  You will learn so much and you will grow.  If you have any questions, please reach out!  My email: