Here are a few important things we wanted to share with you!
Hello again from your faithful CT CSTA leadership!  We kept it quiet during March as we all get our heads settled in the new world.  Remember to be kind to yourself as you tackle your personal and professional challenges. 
COVID Resources for Computer Science Teachers
The Master List from CSTA!
Facebook Groups to get closer to.
  • AP Computer Science Teachers
  • AP Computer Science A Teachers
  • AP Computer Science Principles Teachers
  • Mobile CSP Discussion Board
  • Cyber Security Educators
  • Teaching With Scratch
  • Middle School Video Game Design teachers.
  • Computer Science Educators (US Version)
  • Computer Science Teachers Association
  • CS Education Discussion Forum
Resources for AP Teachers

For AP CS Teachers.

  1. If you haven’t joined your corresponding AP group on Facebook - do so.  It’s a good source of info - and of questions.

  2. If you haven’t joined the AP Community for your test - do so.  You get updates - you choose the frequency.  You get invitations to webinars.  There are a lot of online resources.  You can ask questions.

  3. Have you looked at the online Resources for Covid- 19 Main Page and for Teachers

At the bottom of this link there is a link for registering for updates!!!

  1. Check in with your AP Coordinator and Guidance Counselors.   

    1. Are all your kids ready to go.  Match lists.

    2. How are the tests being paid for.  Is that clear?

    3. Accommodations for special needs kids - are those all set up?

    4. Double check - are all your kids ok with devices?  Note - the college board says it can provide devices! 

For AP CSA Things that are now available - because of COVID 19 .  

Shareable with students!

Daily videos (Canned - so you can watch them any time)  

Previous Years FRQ's and Solutions

If you have a student that doesn’t have a computer for their AP Exam please contact the College board

Site for computers from college board.  They have computers to be lent to students.

Contests - For your KIds - Good Post AP Stuff

Khan Academy Challenge

Congressional App Challenge
Remember, your Connecticut Computer Science Teacher's association loves you!