Here are a few important things we wanted to share with you!
From your Board:  The School year has begun and if you're like some of us you've become the de facto building tech support guru.  "How do you show your students while also sharing a tab on Google meet?"  "How do I add my video to my Google Site?"  Perhaps these things sound familiar.  If anyone 'gets' you it's your peers in the CT CSTA.  We're happy you're here.  Bring your friends next time you visit!
In this Bulletin:  As we turn towards the cooler weather with sweaters, spices, and String manipulation we also look towards our Chapter elections!  Read below to learn how you can take part in our community of learners.  But first....
Missed our September Chapter Meeting?
(Catch up with us on your lunch break!)
Media from our last meeting:
Watch our recording on YouTube!  (With Timestamps in the description for your convenience!)
Audio Only:  Here 
Chatlog:  Here  
Our next Chapter meeting is:
November 9th, 2020 - 5:00PM - 7:00PM
View our Agenda!
Location:  Virtual!  Check the Agenda for invite links.
Special Event:  Election Results Announced!
Chapter Elections are being held!  Self-nominate today!
How Elections work:
We want elections to be open and honest, which is why our Chapter Librarian handles the ballot and fielding requests for interests.  We've detailed out our election process in this document.
What you need to do if you're interested in running:
  • BY October 15th you must...
  • Identifying the position you’re running for.
  • A brief mission statement of why you would be a good candidate and what you would like to accomplish in your aspired role
After this deadline CT CSTA will publish a document detailing all candidates for Chapter members to review and host an online ballot for vote collection.  
FOR FULL TRANSPARENCY:  The current Board is making arrangements to refactor the election timeframe to have elections run in the Spring.  That way new Board members have the Summer to train & transition and then plan the school year in their designs.  That means this election season will run shorter than prior years.
Run for office!
ALL Board positions are open for the 2020-2021 academic year!  Being an officer gives you a greater opportunity to affect positive change in our state.  Each position is unique and offers different ways for you to contribute. 
Review the job descriptions linked below.  Elections are typically held between the September and November chapter meetings, with results being announced at the November meeting.
Interested in championing characters in Chonneticut?  Contact Brad Kjell!
Is a Board position too much of a commitment right now?  Try an Advisor Position!

Perhaps a Board position is too much of a commitment!  (It's not!)  We are also looking for members of our community passionate in their grade band to help us uplift CS education in their world!

This person is responsible for advocating for the success of their respective grade band & moderating their respective grade band Group here on the CT CSTA website!

  • Help bring in relevant PD!
  • View the Grade Band Advisor job description here!

We have positions open for:

  • Middle Schools (6, 7-8) - 1x Representative 
  • Higher Education (Undergraduate) - 1x Representative
  • Social Media Advisor
Want to run an Advisor position with a friend?  Go for it!  As we know from our Pair Programming, "Two heads are better than one!"

Interested in being an Awesome Advisor?  Contact Brad Kjell!

Get connected with our Conference initiatives!
CS4CT Conference registration is OPEN!

Save the date for Friday, October 2nd

Connecticut's premiere Computer Science education summit has arrived for 2020!

Visit the website for more information!

Register here!

CSTA New England Regional Conference information.

Save the date for Saturday, October 24th

We're focusing on the theme of "Equitable Remote Learning"

Visit the website for more information!

Remember, your Connecticut Computer Science Teacher's association loves you!