Membership Update

On behalf of the CSTA CT Executive Board, we deeply regret the obscene and intrusive incident that occurred during the March 11, 2024, Chapter Meeting. During this meeting, individuals outside of the organization joined the publically available Zoom session in a Zoom bombing attack. This malicious intrusion occurs when unwelcomed and uninvited accounts display hateful and obscene material to disrupt the meeting. This not only causes an interruption but leaves the attendees vulnerable to the content the user displays, which has no place in the community. 


What transpired was not condoned by nor reflects what CSTA CT stands for and believes in, and for this reason, we express our distress over the invasive attack and condemn the appalling and revulsive contact presented by the unwelcome accounts. We remain committed to continued growth as we build our CT chapter; unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the practices of malicious actors. As the attack occurred, the incidents were reported to Zoom and the users blocked and removed at each instance, followed by a transition to a locked meeting. Immediately following the incident we engaged in reflection and examination of our practices, and the CSTA CT Executive Board has and will continue to evaluate its sharing of information in order to maintain accessible, respectful, and secure meetings.


On behalf of the CSTA CT Executive Board, we want to extend our deepest regret over the incident where actions taken by accounts not affiliated with the organization caused great offense. Additionally, for those at the meeting, we wish to express our gratitude for your understanding and grace. We are so grateful for the community of educators we represent and appreciate how the culture of the community has developed as a safe, inclusive space. As your Executive Board, we will continue to work to maintain that respectful and secure environment that all members deserve and will update our policies moving forward to ensure that meetings remain the inviting, supportive community we reflect and serve. 


We appreciate your understanding and are here for feedback. Please reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.