From your Board: 
In this bulletin you'll read about:
  1. The National Governors Association Initiative for Computer Science Education
  2. Our Chapter Goals for 2022-2023 (emphasis on K-8)
  3. A plug for the CSTA New England conference.
I wanted to take a moment to send you this special newsletter and notify you Governor Lamont has signed the National Governors Association Initiative for Computer Science Education!
A quick reminder of what this means for Connecticut, the pledge states Governors will:
  1. Increase the number of high schools offering computer science classes
  2. Increase the amount of state funding for computer science education
  3. Increase the number of states requiring at least one computer science credit for high school graduation
  4. Increase the diversity of students participating in computer science education.
What are the next steps:
Myself (Christopher) and a panel of CS advocates from across the state from various organizations and backgrounds are working with the Department of Education and the Office of Workforce Strategy to create a Gap and Needs assessment.  We're preparing a comprehensive 3-5 year plan including advocacy initiatives and funding which should greatly address our gaps and continue to promote excellence.
If you have any thoughts or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Thank you for taking part in our letter writing campaign found a few bulletins and meetings back, as well as any other advocacy you voiced throughout the effort.  While our accomplishment is acknowledgement is big, the next obstacle is in ensuring the Initiative is honored.  We'll keep you posted.
All the best
~Christopher - Your reelected President
In his classroom, President, Christopher Kerr meets with Governor Lamont about the NGA Initiative!
The signature!
Chapter Updates
Our Board-Approved Goals for 2022-2023
Goal #1 - Build Community - Our Chapter will increase member participation and leadership in the K-8 space.
  • We feel our chapter is very Secondary-level heavy and we've underserved our K-8 friends.  This means we're pushing hard to find members of our community that would like to lend their experience and knowledge.  Our Elementary Grade Band Advisor position is open!  You don't have to take up the mantle to contribute though! 
Goal #2 - Professional Development - The Chapter will locate, promote, and facilitate PD for K-8 educators.
  • Continuing with our theme we want to ensure you're exposed to strong Professional Development.  Again, if you live in the K-8 space and found a great curriculum/vendor/resource you think we should highlight please send that our way.
Goal #3 - Operational Foundations - Chapter will promote a stronger social media presence in an effort to highlight CT-based CS educator achievements and cross promote the K-8 space.
  • Part of our overall initiative is to highlight Computer Science excellence when we see it / hear about it.  I'll speak more about this in a future communication but we're going to highlight YOU on social media.  All we need is for YOU to share why your classroom is so amazing in CS and what you've done to achieve it.

Opportunities for YOU!

The main event is on November 12th, 2022 and this year we are hosted by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst College of Education.   A book club will lead up to the big event with social activities the evening of November 11th, 2022.  The main conference will begin with our keynote speaker at 10am on November 12th, 2022, and a variety of workshops will run until 5:15pm.  Our theme is CS for Social Good.  Registration and request for proposals are now open, don't miss out on early-bird pricing! CSTA-Plus members will receive a special gift on arrival.
Upcoming Events
Security Analytics Course
Jun 25, 2022 - Aug 11, 2022
AI for HS Juniors & Seniors
Jul 05, 2022 - Aug 12, 2022
Sacramento State (VIRTUAL) GenCyber
Jul 25, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022
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Remember, your Connecticut Computer Science Teacher's Association loves you! Thanks for everything you do!
Your Board from this year's CSTA National Conference: 
From Left to Right (President Christopher Kerr, Vice President Jackie Corricelli, Secretary Jamie Lang, Treasurer Karen Abbey)