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=== This event has been cancelled for the 2021-2022 school year. Look towards our website for more information for 2022-2023 === Come join this limited opportunity to become a Connecticut certified Initial Support Teacher Mentor in a unique cohort of Computer Science teachers!
=== This event has been cancelled for the 2021-2022 school year.  Look towards our website for more information for 2022-2023 ===
Note:  This training will be facilitated by the professionals at EdAdvance.  You must be a technology or Computer Science teacher to participate.
This virtual training prepares individuals, who have been selected by their districts or themselves, to be mentors who will support beginning and student teachers. Training is based on Connecticut’s Common Core of Teaching (CCT), which articulates the foundational standards for all teachers in Connecticut and is linked by state law and regulations to requirements across a teacher’s career including educator preparation, induction, evaluation and professional learning. Participants will focus on coaching skills needed to help beginning teachers become reflective practitioners and learn how to provide support to new teachers through instructional modules. This virtual training includes approximately 2 days of learning over the course of:
  • Three 2-hour synchronous (live) learning sessions  (March 9, 16, & 23)  3PM - 5PM
  • Asynchronous pre-work learning tasks that can be completed at your own pace prior to each synchronous (live) session

Participants must complete all parts of the virtual training to be qualified to serve in the role of mentor or cooperating teacher.

Why take this training vs your regularly appointed district training?

  • Earn a modest stipend for your time!  Each participant who completes all of the training and attends a subsequent CT CSTA chapter meeting will earn a $100 gift card for their time.
  • Come learn how to be a better teacher with a unique cohort of Computer Science teachers instead of mixed subject area teachers.
  • No district requirement to immediately mentor an incoming teacher.
  • Computer Science focused conversations during synchronous PD.
  • The virtual setting won't be around forever - take up this opportunity while you can.
  • Your CT CSTA leadership has taken this course and personally vouches for it's merit and it's amazing trainer.
  • Perhaps you've never taken training with the RESC Alliance's EdAdvance? This is your opportunity to complete this training with this RESC. 
Registration Notes:  During registration you will need your EIN number which can be found here.  Please ensure you have obtained permission from your District prior to registering for this training.
For more information feel free to reference this summary document.
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