Current Certification Highlights:
  • Current teachers with an active Teaching Certificate (not Vocational Certificate) can earn a cross endorsement in Computer Science through a growing list of Graduate programs (listed below) or applying for the Unique Endorsement (#110) through the CECS portal
  • Teacher Endorsements are offered in the Elementary K-6 and Secondary 7-12
  • At the moment there is no pathway for a Professional outside Academics, or an educator teaching without a Teaching Certificate to earn a Teaching Certificate with an endorsement in Computer Science.
  • Currently the ARC program does not offer a pathway for certification in Computer Science.
The Computer Science (Unique Endorsement #110)
== The following is taken from the Department of Education website. ==
Please note: the Computer Science cross endorsement requires coursework OR a passing score (149) on the Praxis II assessment.
Coursework Requirement:
A major in computer science or at least 30 semester hours of credit related to computer science including study in each of the following areas:
  • Computing Systems, which may include devices; hardware and software; troubleshooting
  • Networks and the Internet, which may include cyber security; network communication and organization
  • Data and Analysis, which may include storage; collection; visualization; transformation; inference and models
  • Algorithms and Programming, which may include algorithms; variables; control; modularity/decomposing; program development
  • Impacts of Computing, which may include culture/history; social interactions
Note: At least 12 semester hours of credit must be specific to computer science.
Connecticut Department of Education Resources
The CDEE has a page hosting a plethora of resources related to:
  • Progress towards making Computer Science official in CT.
  • Identifying the Computer Science Standards for Connecticut
  • Guidance on implementing Computer Science in your schools.
  • Important links to organizations (like us!) who wish to help you make Computer Science possible in your schools!
For questions and assistance please contact the amazing Jennifer Michalek at the information provided below.
Jennifer Michalek
K-12 Math Education Consultant
Connecticut State Department of Education 
Academic Office 
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 603 
Hartford, CT 06103-1841 E-mail: 
Phone: (860) 713-6557
Programs in Computer Science Education awarding Cross Endorsement
Sacred Heart University
The Computer Science Education Endorsement sequence is designed to equip certified classroom teachers with the skills and pedagogy to teach computer science successfully leading to a “unique endorsement” in computer science education from the Connecticut State Department of Education at either the elementary (K-6) or secondary (7-12) level.
For more information click here.
Programs in Computer Science Education
(which are not awarding Cross Endorsement)
The College of St. Scholastica 
The College of St. Scholastica offers both a "Certificate in Computer Science Education" and a Masters in Education with a concentration in Computer Science Education.
This is also the home of the National Center for Computer Science Education who offers a variety of services including credit for approved Professional Development opportunities.