Suggested Pathways for implementing a Computer Science offering at the Secondary Level
Below you will find example pathways implemented in various schools throughout the state of Connecticut.  We've abstracted out the details to give you a high-level summary of a variety of pathways and possibilities to implement Computer Science in YOUR secondary educational facility.  It's worth noting, if you can only allocate resources for a single Computer Science offering we recommend AP Computer Science Principles thanks to it's "Computer Science is accessible for everyone" approach and it's plethora of course-in-a-box curriculum offerings.
Disclaimer:  As with any pathway there can be variations!  AP Courses can be taken simultaneously, Electives can be taken before or after AP courses, and you can also integrate Computer Science concepts in your traditional courses as well.  Feel free to reach out to any of our Officers to learn how their schools accommodate the mandate to teach Computer Science!
Many schools offer a pathway consisting of 3-4 1 year courses (a Microsoft Office course fills in the 4th class).  This is recommended for Sophomores through Seniors.
In this offering you can design a few less-intensive courses in the realm of Computer Science which could expose and prepare students to the content.  This would lead nicely into an offering of AP Computer Science Principles.  This is good for schools which would like to offer more than one course but do not yet have the depth of experience to offer AP Computer Science A.
This is another approach where students undertake the 3-course pathway (or Elective pathway) and engage in an Externship with a local technology company OR an Internship as a Student Teacher Assistant for one of the earlier pathway classes.  This allows advanced students more room to grow beyond course offerings and allows the advanced student the opportunity to mentor and gain leadership and communication skills so highly sought after in our industry.
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